Saturday night & Sunday morning

Hard to believe that January has come to a close. Then again, I’ve only had to look at Valentine’s Day–and Easter–goodies for the past few weeks. Not too many St. Pat’s tchotchkes, but that may just be due to the fact that, Irish bars aside, Miami does not really go as crazy on March 17 as Boston or NYC.

Truth be told, I am not looking forward to the coming of March. I will be marking the first year since my mom died. And it promises to be a bittersweet commemoration.

Lord, I would like to have her with me, if only for a day. I’d like to show her the translation work I’m trudging through, swap notes on how to make a killer jambalaya, even debate whether Hillary Clinton would have made a better president than Barack Obama. I’d love to take her to the farmer’s markets for produce, to Miami Art Museum for an exhibit, to Lincoln Road, just to drink coffee and watch people.

I cannot, however, do those things. And that leaves me feeling angry, and sad, and lonely.

Meanwhile: how’s your evening?


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