Quotidian for Holy Friday

I just finished doing a batch of laundry. It’s generally a humdrum thing: sort, load the machine, set the cycle and temperature, then wait. Tonight, though, instead of using the laundrette machines, I washed with the machine I have at home.

And while I am happy to have the stuff done, without dipping into the dosh, a couple of things left me a little hacked.

First–lack of space. Even with a compact washer, there’s the question of where to set it up. In the old apartment (where my mom and I lived), the machine got hooked up to the kitchen sink. Good for doing multiple batches, bad for cooking and/or washing dishes.
Here, I had to modify a bathroom sink to accomodate. Not enough room to move around–setting up was a chore.

Second–the setup. In the kitchen, it meant stuff got shoved to sides. On the stove, on the fringes of the countertop…
Here, I had to move all the stuff on the right side of the vanity to the side.

Third–drainage and displacement. For all its faults, doing laundry in the kitchen was fairly goof-proof. From the faucets, to the drain, with little to no risk of flooding or water damage. The bathroom sink? Not very good at draining large amounts of water. I had to mop the floors and the counter, which got sopping wet due to overflow from the sink. I also had to swab down the floor in my closet, as water sloshed below the machine also. (Thankfully, I only had to dry off tile floors. Carpet would have made this an absolute nightmare.)

But, hacked or not, thank God, I have several weeks’ worth of laundry out of the way. Especially as Holy Friday unfolds…


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