Writer’s hazards

I’ve finished the first monologue. A long night of it, too: if not for cutting it by nearly half, I would have gone mad. Now I have to reintroduce what the playwright considers 16 points of denunciation of the evils of life under Castro. Urgh. Just when I think it’s safe…
I’m having a particularly rough time with the assertions that Fidel Castro provided surgery for Saddam Hussein, that Hussein also gave monies to exiled radicals, and that Castro had cut a deal with Pablo Escobar to get Cuban-American youth hooked on drugs. I mean, wouldn’t the CIA have something to say if these things really did take place? At best, it’s speculation. At worst, it’s as skeevy as any urban legend.
Still, the body of that particular monologue is done, and the addenda, whether true or not, is fixable.

Now I have the second monologue. Oh joy. A treatise on the nature of marriage. I have no words…but I have to decipher 15-20 pages and give it a flow in English. And it is a paying gig, which helps a little. So, forward and onward. I hope.


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