Hello sadness

It’s Monday evening, and I’m in the dumps.
Oh, don’t ask for a smoking gun–unless you like pulling hair out. This is, well, a lot of little things.
I’d really like to crawl back into bed, right now, and sleep. Not go anywhere, not do anything. Just close my eyes and stay in dreamland.
Yes, I know. That’s not going to help me find work, pay the rent and utilities, put food in the pantry–and it certainly won’t transform the contents of my notebooks into something you can pick up at Books & Books!

Neither will it ease the loneliness I feel when I think of my mom.

Oh, to be sure, I’ll have a laugh while I watch a little bit of TV. I’ll probably even call a friend or two, swap stories, even indulge in a little mutual ribbing. And it’ll be very copacetic.

But right now, I have to find a way not to curl up into a little ball. To fix myself some dinner, make some calls, revamp my resume…to do the very ordinary things that come with daily life.

And maybe, tonight, I can enjoy the sound of falling rain.


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