Poetic interlude: Daniil Kharms

Something About Pushkin

It’s hard to say something about Pushkin to a person who doesn’t
know anything about him. Pushkin is a great poet. Napoloeon is not as
great as Pushkin. Bismarck compared to Pushkin is a nobody. And the
Alexanders, First, Second, and Third, are just little kids compared to
Pushkin. In fact, compared to Pushkin, all people are little kids, except
Gogol. Compared to him, Pushkin is a little kid.
And so, instead of writing about Pushkin, I would rather write
about Gogol.
Although, Gogol is so great that not a thing can be written about
him, so I’ll write about Pushkin after all.
Yet, after Gogol, it’s a shame to have to write about Pushkin. But
you can’t write anything about Gogol. So I’d rather not write anything
about anyone.

Daniil Kharms (1905-1942), edited and translated by Matvei Yankelevich, w. Eugene Ostashevsky

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