I’m still riding the aftereffects of an all-nighter. A little disoriented, but I have a monologue to finish, and the damned albatross will not slaughter itself work will not self-translate. So, disorientation aside, I must press on.
It looks like it’s going to be clear to partly cloudy today. I was hoping for a day sopping with rain and severe weather advisories. But it looks like I will be sleep deprived for a bit longer.
Oh, the things I do for a pittance: endure a playwright who thinks he’s a super-genius; smile when he invites himself to dinner; tolerate his hogging of my computer, as if surfing the web were his God-given right; and try not to scream when he acts as though I exist to provide him snacks, tea, and unlimited viewing of the Syfy channel.
Who knows. Maybe this sleep deprivation will provide some impetus to call the dude on his BS. Oh, for a good second wind, and no inhibitions…!

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