Coming in from the cold.

It’s been a very, very long time since I posted here. I’m sorry and saddened by this.
To snack-pack this epic: I just couldn’t live in the Dadeland area any longer. Not enough dosh, too much for rent…and the fit hit the shan with the playwright, in that time.
So I fled suburbia–and eviction papers–and wound up in a studio in Coral Gables. Amazing how superfluous stuff becomes when one needs a new start!
I also ended up cutting ties to two people who had been part of my life for decades. The less said, perhaps, the better: still kind of a raw subject.
I can’t report a happy ending, but I’ve been writing every day, enjoying Books & Books, hitting the galleries, and looking for work. And I’ve got a cat, now. Or she has me, who can say…?
Not to mention, a vector: to get my poetry published, hook, crook, blog, zine…any means necessary.
Keep me in mind, please do!