Octobrist’s musings

I adore the month of October. For starters, it’s my birth month (I turn 47 on the sixth). It’s also John Lennon’s birth month (he and my Uncle Pip were both born on the ninth, though Uncle Pip came along in ’38).
“What else do you adore about the month, Herrera?” Glad you asked! I like the shift in the weather; the humidity drops off a bit, and one can feel the first hints of coolness in the wind. I also like the fact that, here in the subtropics, the hurricane season is winding down. (Mind you, I do not take for granted the fact that tropical storms and hurricanes can still wallop South Florida. I remember Wilma only too well!)
The cultural calendar gets more lively in October: the Coral Gables Museum, for instance, officially opens on the 22nd. And this coming Friday, in addition to the exhibits of Gallery Night here in the Gables, Ponce Circle Park hosts live music, craft vendors, and other fun diversions.
Book maniacs can rejoice this month, too: Books and Books brings in great authors every day–e.g., Simon Sebag Montefiore, Edwige Danticat…and Tigertail Magazine hosts a launch for its upcoming issue. (November’s even better for bibliophiles, by the by: the Miami Book Fair brings great writers to the Magic City!)
And who can forget Halloween? So this year it falls on a Monday. So what? It’s always fun to cosplay, and snagging chocolate, well, that’s lagniappe. (I would love to go in Gothic Lolita gear, but if not, well, I’ll improvise.)

Now to see about finding work, and about publishing what I’ve written. There’s the challenge!


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  1. planaquarium
    Oct 04, 2011 @ 18:49:56

    This is my favorite month, too – happy birthday!


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