Poetic debauchery, end of October.

I’m excited tonight. The weekend before Halloween is jam-packed: Alice In Wonderland at The Barnacle, costume parties and contests from West Palm to the Keys, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show playing at O Cinema. (To think, ten years ago, Miami was an indie theatre wasteland! Happily, things have changed.)
Closer to home, a new gallery is opening in the space that used to house Lion Video. While I’m still saddened that the place is gone, I’m thrilled to see another art venue–and it’s just a block away! Tonight is also the Famous Last Friday at Books & Books, and I have a new poem–Halloween-themed–just for the occasion. My sweet friend, Ozzie, has also mentioned inviting some other friends over for a little Hallows shindig. So I’m keeping my ears open there…
I’m also compiling a manuscript for publication. Set List will contain poetry I’ve written over this past year, including two sections of prose poetry and gogyokha. I want to have the pieces complete before the end of November, and submission ready.
Finished rereading Sweet Heaven When I Die; here is a book I want on my shelf, for life. Very resonant reading. Also have finished rereading Simon Sebag Montefiore. Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar and Young Stalin are essential reading for anyone into Russian history, the Soviet era, or who wants an in-depth view of one of the most infamous, vicious tyrants of the 20th Century.


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