Working on the Set List…

Since I decided to work on Set List, I’ve transcribed 13 poems, thus far. Frankly, it’s shocking to realize that I’ve gotten this far on the manuscript.
But breaking it down into small pieces has made it easier, and since I am still using Library computers, less frustrating. (I don’t have access to the Library on Sundays or holidays, so the time I do have is crucial!)

And whether I get an honorarium or not, I am determined to publish this collection, even if only locally.

In the meantime: the “lost book” incident ended happily. They were, after all, at home. (Feel free to laugh. I did!) And the gallery opening, plus the reading, were wonderful.

Tonight is First Friday in the Gables, meaning the galleries (and other establishments) will be open and brimming with life. I’m looking forward to the art, the beauty, and the ligging. (Starving artist meme be damned; even artists need a little sustenance!)

I finished rereading The Same Solitude and Death of A Poet: The Last Days of Marina Tsvetaeva. Am halfway through Against Happiness by Eric G. Wilson.

Since time is brief, and things are getting noisy (the children’s room is overrun with teens and it gets raucous), let me sign out now!


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