Mondays and sunny days

I’m writing a short entry today. Need to spend some time transcribing on Set List, and also pestering for interviews.
Saturday night, I got really depressed. You’d think that, with the gorgeousness of Gallery Night, I’d be brimming over. Not quite. Oh, it was wonderful, and the weather was sublime (breezy, cool, and clear). I just felt frustrated–time but no paid employ, and difficulties getting dosh together for rent, cell, groceries…I honestly did not want to do anything at all this weekend. Heading to St George to prep parsley for the church picnic (it went into their potato salad), and then going to the picnic felt, well, Herculean.
Yes, in the end, a good time was had, and I wrote four poems in the bargain–but I still didn’t feel like singing “Shiny Happy People.”

Still: it’s Monday, and whether I feel wonderful or not, the day–and my life–go on. Please: bear with me as I stumble along.

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