Skinned knees and househunting

Today’s been an interesting day: started by feeding Ten-Ten the Wonder Cat (happy cat=sated, happy kittens), and getting dressed a bit.

Ran late to the Coral Gables Cultural Council neeting, but did stay for an enlightening talk or two about classical music in South Florida. I also got a firsthand lesson on the art of the urban forage…there’s a story for a long day.

Went to speak with Fr. Saba. Was nervous as hell, and weepy to boot, but he was very no-nonsense, and encouraging. Helped to put my situation in perspective, at least, a little.

I think I’m going to forego the 1/1 at the David William. Not that I want to leave the Gables, but it may be better to get myself in a decent place, with some furniture, than to try and navigate hoops. My life is a hoop jump, as is, and the fewer I have to navigate, the better–for now. I’m going to call Carmen and Jackson, see about seeing a couple of places. Need to touch base with Juan, as well, and start packing up. Will also give a call to Out of the Closet–there’s no point keeping what I can’t use, and frankly, I’d feel better knowing someone else can use what I’m losing.

Oh–the skinned knees? Tripped on the way to the library. My left knee is sore and scraped. Thankfully, nothing worse happened…


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