I Predict: 2012

As I type away at Planet Linux, I feel 2011 slip away just a little more.

Thank God. Now, I’ve had some fab experiences this past year–gallery nights, meeting my neighbors, gaining a cat, completing my first book–but overall, this year has drained the life from me. 

I don’t know if 2012 will be better (hope will always spring infernal on New Year’s Day), but I’m willing to make a few predictions for the coming year. I’m no Nostradamus, but hey, it’s all in fun!

  • Governor Rick “Voldemort” Scott will continue to be creepy.
  • Taxpayers in Miami-Dade county will foot the bill for yet another sports/developer’s boondoggle. 
  • Books & Books in Coral Gables will bring great writers to the City Beautiful
  • Dead people will vote in all upcoming elections, at every level.
  • Televangelists will beg for cash, predict the Rapture, and make no apologies when nothing happens.

What say you?