Quick musings

I came home last night to find my little Wonder Cat, Ten-Ten, had given birth to kittens. (No, this is not a cat lovers eppy of I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant!)

I think the event took her by surprise a bit: one was under a dresser drawer, two near a dryer rack, and two more on a shelf of an entertainment cabinet.

Sadly, two of these kittens were dead: one a stillbirth, the other unable to reach hir mother for the first proper suckle. I wrapped both up, bagged them, and put them in the freezer. I’ll take them to Animal Services for a proper dispatch.

I haven’t heard back about the apartment at Biltmore Way–will email the owner to ask whether he has found someone else to care for it. Must line up Plans B/C/et cia, if that’s the case.

I’ve got an audience with Father Saba this Thursday. Could stand for a good unbosoming.